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We believe your concerns cannot be effectively addressed in five or ten minute appointments, nor do we believe that you should feel like a number in an assembly line. Appointments at Pro Form Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation are typically 20-30 or 60 minutes long, entirely one-to-one with your doctor or therapist.


Some of our health professionals have undertaken additional training to be sports specialists in their field. This does not mean that we only treat athletes or that you have to be an athlete to receive care at our clinic. Rather, we use this specialized knowledge and training to provide optimal care for all our patients/clients. Whether you are a professional athlete who wants to achieve maximal athletic performance, or an individual who simply wants to be pain-free and mobile for your activities of daily living, we apply the same level of specialized knowledge and training regardless of your athletic level to help you reach your individualized goal.


We strongly believe in a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to patient care. Each and everyone of our health professionals has a specific skillset and plays a dedicated role in your injury rehabilitation or athletic performance journey. 

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